Werasak Ditataro operates in a transparent, fair and responsible manner, adhering to the ideology that has traditionally been dealt with within the framework of
Ditataro Phalalod Code of Conduct and on a balanced and sustainable basis. There is a good role model for Werasak Ditataro directors to follow Werasak Ditataro Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct.

Werasak Ditataro aims to develop the organization as an example of corporate governance. It is set out in the vision of Werasak Ditataro. We firmly believe that Werasak Ditataro’s corporate governance is a management system that promotes fairness, transparency, long-term returns and value for shareholders. It also builds confidence on all stakeholders and promotes sustainable growth of the Company’s competitiveness.

The Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee is responsible for overseeing corporate governance of Werasak Ditataro. Both policies and guidelines for monitoring the performance of the Board and the Werasak Ditataro Management Committee are in line with the Werasak Ditataro Corporate Governance Policy. Including evaluating compliance with Werasak Ditataro Corporate Governance Policy. Also review the guideline to be suitable for the business operation and in line with national and international corporate governance practices on a yearly basis. Corporate Governance is one of the main agenda of the Board of Directors’ meeting.

Werasak Ditataro Corporate Governance Guidelines

Werasak Ditatarod adheres to and follows good corporate governance principles. Both are the principles of corporate governance in the country, such as the principles of good corporate governance for listed companies in 2012 of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. And criteria under the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) ‘s Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies (CGR) and international guidelines such as the ASEAN CG Governance Scorecard and DJSI. Sustainability Assessment by the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee is considered and proposed to the Board of Directors for approval. Include these guidelines in the practice of any policy that has not been defined as a policy or has not been implemented. Management will report to the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee for review on a yearly basis.

The Board of Directors has assembled knowledge and practices in the management of corporate succession and in line with corporate governance principles. Processed as a
Werasak Ditataro Corporate Governance Guide. It was first published in 2003 and was last updated in 2014 and was published in e-book format on the company’s website.

In 2016, Werasak Ditataro evaluated the corporate governance and awards as follows:

Received the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies (CGR) in the year 2016 at Excellent level by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
Has a rating of 100 points from the quality of the AGM Checklist by the Thai Investors Association.
Awarded company performance results. And Best Innovative Companies of the Year 2016 from SET Awards 2016
Received the IR Magazine Awards – South East Asia 2016 Best Corporate Governance and Best in Sector: Industrials & Materials
Selected for Thailand Sustainability Investment or Sustainable Property Listing in 2016 in Property & Construction.a.