We are suppliers of very high quality Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45. We assure you of the best quality at the best rates in the market.

Our ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar has the following specifications.

Origin: Brazil

SPECIFICATIONS: White Refined Sugar

ICUMSA : 45 RBU typical

Polarization: 99.80 degree min

Ash Content: 0.04% max

Moisture: 0.04% max

Granulation: Fine

100% Soluble

Shipped Dry and Free Flowing

Radiation: Normal certified, without presence of Caesium and Iodine

Color: Sparking White ICUMSA 45

Smell: Free from unusual or abnormal smells

Magnetic Particles: MG/kg 4

So2: MG/kg 20

Crop: 2007 or 2008


In 50 Kg net polythene lined polyproylene bags. Marking shall be in but can also be done according to specification of the buyers.