Wholesale Marketing is a division of Werasak Ditataro which  distributes some of the internationally well known products in the Market through its well equipped infrastructure.The division focuses on Non food stuff categories and food stuff categories. our division has been well known to the point where we had made a name of our own in most international market. Our faithfulness and our team of ever ready customer service team , have made us gain much trust from our client.We have a good team of market analyst , they are in charge of studying the market and deciding which products the clients needs and which we now send to our international markets. People all always ask us what is our secret behind our success. well , the truth is very simple . We endeavor to get to our client where ever they are. even if they are in the interior . we always get to them . Moreover we offer very good prices for our products and the quality of our products to are very good.

We sell our products whole sale at the best rates in the market. We have a very small profit margin. To make profit we have to sell large quantities and we are able to achieve this by selling very high quality products at the best rates in the market. We hold our success to our returning customers who do not only keep coming but they also refer more customers to us and help us increase oir market share.