We are ISO, GMP, HACCP and Organic certified.

We have high quality Beans between 15 to 16cm and Long are minimum 17cm -18cm,Super
Long 19cm-22cm.

We prefer to work in long Term business relationship
Premium Black Vanilla ( Gourmet or Bourbon vanilla of Madagascar)
Product Grade: A
Vanillin: 1,6 – 2,4%
Moisture: 28-35%
Type: Natural fresh bean

Available quantity: 5000 kg
Here are our competitive Price :

1- BLACK GOURMET 11-13 cm and 15 – 16 cm : 120 USD/kg price

2- EXTRACT GRADE 11-13cm :  110 USD/kg price

3- VANILLA POWDER: 110 USD/kg price

Note: If our prices are not good for you, please let us know you own best price.

Packing; in 10 KG Cartons